Small Capacity Construction Paint Stripers are used for pavement marking jobs that have smaller quantities and for construction traffic switches and staging operations. Smaller paint stripers are easier to operate and drive on construction projects with tight turns and narrower work areas.

Large Capacity District Paint Stripers are used for large pavement marking projects, such as the maintenance striping of our city or county roads as well as state trunklines and interstate freeways. These trucks are the largest paint trucks in the fleet with extra axles designed to carry the maximum load of material.

Airport Stripers are set up to handle the unique striping configurations at airports without wasting time to reconfigure paint guns. Individual trucks are set up to stripe 3’ wide center and edgelines both solid and striated. Taxiway trucks apply yellow and black markings in one pass and detail trucks with stencils are set up to handle different colors and symbols as needed. We are fully equipped to handle any type of airport marking.

Thermoplastic Stripers are used for 90 mil extrude thermo and 40 mil sprayable thermoplastic formulations. Like the paint stripers they are designed to carry the maximum volume of material to minimize the downtime for reloading.