Cold Plastic is tape that is supplied in rolls of various widths and colors. It is a durable material that can also be cut into shapes and letters. Therefore, it can be used as both a longline and special marking. It does not require specialized equipment to apply, but has a higher initial cost than paints or plural components. It is applied in two different ways, the Inlay Method and the Overlay Method.

With the Inlay Method, the cold plastic material is applied on new asphalt while the mat is still hot. The tape is pressed into the surface with the finish roller. The heat of the asphalt causes the tape to bind permanently to the surface and the roller depresses (inlays) the material into the asphalt, so that snow plows are less likely to damage it. This method can only be used to apply striping to new asphalt pavement.

The Overlay Method can be used on both existing and new road surfaces. It does not require the asphalt to still be hot, and can also be used on concrete. It uses a liquid primer to assist the tape in binding to the surface of the road.