Permanent pavement markings

PK has the equipment and experience to install all types of permanent pavement markings both non durable (lasting 1 year or less) and durable (lasting 3 years or more). In selecting which type of material to use, an owner/agency must consider a number of factors such as: pavement type and condition, the desired frequency of restriping, the dangers of restriping, the level of desired reflectivity and the safety gained by wet reflectivity. These factors must be weighed against the cost of providing the longest lasting, most highly reflective marking that can be seen day and night when it’s dry or raining.


Traffic Paint is the most widely used pavement marking material. It is the lowest initial cost marking material and can be used on all pavement surfaces as both a temporary or permanent marking. In addition it can be used as a long line or a special marking. Traffic paint is considered a non durable marking needing annual restriping.

Waterborne Paint As its name implies waterborne paint is water based. It is easy to clean up and is environmentally friendly, containing no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). It can be applied over any existing material and on any pavement surface. It is a non durable marking that must be applied when temperatures are at least 50 degrees. Its application season is May 1 – October 15.

Regular Dry Paint is applied in the same fashion as waterborne paint and is used when temperatures are below 50 degrees, and between October 15 and May 1. Regular dry is solvent based contains VOCs and is therefore not as environmental friendly as waterborne paint.

High Build Waterborne is a more durable version of traditional water based paint. It is applied thicker and lasts up to two years.