PK has the equipment and experience to install all types of permanent pavement markings both non durable (lasting 1 year or less) and durable (lasting 3 years or more). In selecting which type of material to use, an owner/agency must consider a number of factors such as: pavement type and condition, the desired frequency of restriping, the dangers of restriping, the level of desired reflectivity and the safety gained by wet reflectivity. These factors must be weighed against the cost of providing the longest lasting, most highly reflective marking that can be seen day and night when it’s dry or raining.


Raised pavement markers (RPMs) are small prism like devices that are affixed to the road to produce superior reflectivity at night, even in the rain. They are used in conjunction with any of the long line materials previously listed but can not be used by themselves. RPMs are either inserted into metal castings that are glued to the pavement or are directly glued into grooves cut into the pavement surface. They are susceptible to damage by snow plows and need programs to periodically replace damaged lenses.