Temporary pavement markings are used to alter normal traffic patterns while roadways are under construction, or as an interim measure until permanent  markings can be installed. Materials used for temporary pavement markings are most commonly paint, removable tape and RPMs.

Temporary Paint is the lowest cost temporary marking. It is used when the pavement it is being placed on is going to be removed or paved over. They are also used if the temporary marking is in alignment and is compatible with future permanent markings.

Temporary Removable Tape is used when temporary markings are needed on pavement that will remain in place after construction is complete. In addition, they can also be used as an interim measure until permanent markings can be installed. When the temporary traffic pattern needs to be changed or is no longer needed, the removable tape is simply peeled up without leaving a scar on the pavement that can occur when painted markings are removed. Temporary removable tape is also available in a wet reflective version to enhance the safety of a construction work zone during rain conditions.

Temporary Raised Pavement Markers (TRPMs) are used to supplement temporary paint or removable tape by providing an increased level of reflectivity to guide motorists through construction zones at night. They are especially effective at crossovers or any other location where traffic is forced to shift away from its normal lane configuration.