To meet the needs of the road building industry, work safely, save time and money requires having the most technologically advanced state of the art equipment. We build and customize our equipment for use by our highly skilled workforce to meet the most demanding project requirements.

Maximize truck capacity and productivity. Reducing truck chassis weight and adding extra axles enables our trucks to carry larger payloads, greater productivity, improved safety and reduce overall fuel consumption. The resulting savings are passed on in the form of lower bid prices.

Manage the risk of truck backing. All of our large trucks are equipped with backup cameras designed to reduce the risk of accidents caused by truck backing. The installation of back up cameras has reduced backing accidents significantly. We also design our yard facilities so that truck backing is minimized. One way shop bays eliminate the need to back equipment out of the shop after servicing and angled parking in our yards reduces truck backing as well. Both designs improve yard and facility safety and thus reduce cost.

Line protection and coning operations. We are also leaders for the development of safe line protection and coning methods. We chose to partner with MITA and MIOSHA to have language added that addressed fall protection for pavement marking operations unique to our industry.