Walk Behind Grinder: The walk behind grinder is simple and ideal for smaller operations and is used mostly for special marking removal.

Ride On Grinder: For the removal of pavement special markings stop bars, crosswalks, symbols and legends we have several portable ride on grinding machines. Our highly productive machines make special marking removal quick and keep traffic moving.

Grinder Truck: Truck mounted grinders are technologically advanced. We have several grinder trucks available to meet the needs of any job. Truck mounted one box, two box and three box grinders are operated from the safety of the cab. Grinder trucks are significantly more productive are very mobile and have many grinding head configurations that can be used to match the right method for the job.

Shot Blaster: The shot blaster is a ride on unit used for removing painted lines and to remove curing compound.

Water Blaster: We build our own equipment to meet the needs of any job. This includes waterblasting equipment. Waterblasting is the most effective method to remove pavement markings and curing compound from concrete surfaces with the least amount of scarring.