PK has the equipment and experience to install all types of permanent pavement markings both non durable (lasting 1 year or less) and durable (lasting 3 years or more). In selecting which type of material to use, an owner/agency must consider a number of factors such as: pavement type and condition, the desired frequency of restriping, the dangers of restriping, the level of desired reflectivity and the safety gained by wet reflectivity. These factors must be weighed against the cost of providing the longest lasting, most highly reflective marking that can be seen day and night when it’s dry or raining.


When it is raining, pavement markings applied with standard optics (glass beads) can not be seen at night. Wet reflectivity is the term given to the ability of a pavement marking to be seen at night in the rain. Both preformed tape and liquids can be applied to be wet reflective. With the use of manufactured “elements” or “clusters” wet reflectivity can be achieved. The elements or clusters are applied by use of a special application gun and are applied at very specific rates. Pavement markings applied to produce wet reflectivity should always be recessed.